Winter Newsletter

Greetings from your Potato Lake Association (PLA) Board!  For those of you that are seasonal residents, while we have ample snow to enjoy the outdoors, we have been stuck in a deep freeze unlike many of us can remember. If you chose to spend your winter south, it appears you were making a wise decision.

The purpose of this letter is to extend an invitation for you to join or renew your annual membership to your association, AND, to once again ask for your generous support for our watercraft inspection program that is currently the best way to help restrict Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), particularly Zebra Mussels, from entering our lake and materially altering our enjoyment of it.

In 2013, 126 of our residents became members of the association, which was on par with previous years. This represents approximately 50% of our lakeshore residents. In trying to improve on that number, your board is forming neighborhood groups, whose purpose is to improve communications with all of us about PLA activity and to encourage direct input from you about lake issues and the role of the PLA.  And, your board has approved a special introductory offer for those of you who have never been members; membership in the PLA at NO COST for the 2014 year!! We feel that once you experience and enjoy the benefits of membership, you will want to be a part of protecting and preserving our lake environs for years to come.

The watercraft inspection plan, while mirroring the expenses of 2013, will be more effective with all the knowledge and experience we have absorbed over the past year. We intend to more directly target the launch sites during times of most use, to gain greater knowledge of the total launches we have by installing an electronic counter, and by attempting to encourage most launches to occur at the DNR site.

While we continue to explore public funding sources for the inspection plan, such as grants and direct funding from our county and township partners, with the projected cost approaching $15,000, we, as lakeshore owners, need to augment those sources to protect our lake and property investment. As such, we are once again appealing to every lakeshore owner to contribute to this cause. If every property owner would contribute at least $100, we feel certain the funds will be available for this important watercraft inspection program.

Membership in the PLA is on a calendar year basis and annual dues remain at just $25 per household.  Please take a few moments to fill out the membership form here and send  in your dues today, or if you are first time member check the applicable box, AND, be sure to include your watercraft inspection donation.  To receive a tax deduction for your watercraft inspection donation please make out a separate check.  Thanks for your support of the PLA and your lake.


Kevin Brauer, PLA President

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