2017 Presidents Letter

Greetings from your Potato Lake Association (PLA) Board,

I hope when you receive this PLA membership renewal letter that you are either enjoying the beautiful scenery of a snowy winter on Potato Lake or you’re relaxing on a tropical beach. Wherever you are we hope that you and your loved ones are well! We know that it won’t be long before the cabins are reopened and excitement of summer will be here again.

The purpose of this letter is to extend an invitation for you to join or renew your annual membership to your association, and to once again ask for your generous support for our watercraft inspection program.

In 2016, 135 of our residents became members of the association, which is a slight increase from previous years. This represents approximately 50% of our lakeshore residents. In trying to improve on that number, your board is continuing neighborhood groups, whose purpose is to improve communications about PLA activity and to encourage direct input from you about lake issues and the role of the PLA. The PLA has an introductory offer to all new members: COMPLIMENTARY DUES FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP!! That’s a no obligation, no cost membership for 2017 for anyone who has not previously been a member! If you have never been a member, please take advantage of this opportunity to participate in our efforts to protect your lake.

Watercraft inspection is currently the most effective way to help restrict Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), particularly zebra mussels, from entering our lake. In case you missed the December 8, 2016 news release, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed zebra mussels in their larval stage in two locations in Leech Lake in Cass County. The DNR has found no adult zebra mussels in the lake, but the locations and the numbers of zebra mussel larvae, called veligers, indicate that a reproducing population may be present. Please keep in mind that the purpose of our lake association is to protect and preserve our lake.

In 2016, there were 1300 hours of watercraft inspection provided through a combination of dollars from Potato Lake residents, Lake Emma Township and the State of Minnesota. The PLA Board has recommended keeping the hours for watercraft inspection the same for the 2017 boating season. While this state allocation of $13,240 and help from Lake Emma Township ($2000-$3000), will greatly help our monitoring of our launch sites, we still need lakeshore owners to contribute to this cause.

With the projected cost approaching $25,000, we, as lakeshore owners, need to augment those sources to protect our lake and property investment. As such, we are once again appealing to every lakeshore owner to contribute. If every property owner would contribute at least $50 to $100, we feel certain the funds will be available for this important watercraft inspection program.

Currently the PLA Board has two open positions. Last August the board terms of Kevin Brauer and Bob Berdahl expired. Both Kevin and Bob have put in many years and countless hours in building and maintaining a strong lake association. They will continue to be active members of the PLA, but felt that the PLA needed some new leadership. Please consider volunteering to serve on the board, and check out the membership application form for additional opportunities to get involved.

Membership in the PLA is on a calendar year basis and annual dues remain at just $25 per household. Please take a few moments to fill out the enclosed form and send it in with your dues today, or if you are first time member check the applicable box. In addition, please consider including your watercraft inspection donation. Thank you for your support of the Potato Lake Association and Potato Lake!


Tom Conzemius

Tom Conzemius, PLA President