2018 PLA Membership Form

PLA 2018 PLA Membership Renewal Form_Updated Final 12.9.2017

Membership Dues & AIS Watercraft Inspection Donation 2018 Potato Lake Association Form

The Potato Lake Association is an alliance of people interested in preserving and protecting the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of Potato Lake and the surrounding area. The Association is devoted to preserving water quality, including the prevention of Aquatic Invasive Species, promoting responsible land use, and supporting our fishery and lake wildlife. Funds are used to educate lake residents, conduct water quality testing, perform an aggressive AIS management program including launch site inspections, and promote healthy shoreline management practices and to provide communication to Association members and others that enjoy Potato Lake.

Annual membership dues are only $25 and due each calendar year.

Please print, fill out the information, and mail the following form along with your payment to:

Potato Lake Association – PO Box 625 – Park Rapids, MN 56470

First Name________________________________LastName_____________________________________

Potato Lake Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________

Park Rapids, MN 56470

Mailing Address if different from above:

Street__________________________________________________ City___________________________

State_______________  Zip Code______________________  Phone______________________________

Email Address (please print) _______________________________________________________________

I have enclosed the following:

_______ I am a new member to the PLA, please waive my dues this year!

_______ $25 made out to the PLA for my annual dues.

_______ A donation of $_________ made directly to the PLA for AIS watercraft inspection


_______ I’m making a tax-deductible donation for AIS watercraft inspection to the NMF Potato Lake

               Charitable Fund for $_______.

               Please write Boat Inspections in the memo on your check and send it to:

  •     Northwest Minnesota Foundation
  •     201 3rd St. NW
  •     Bemidji, MN 56601


I am interested in the following:

___ Board Member      ___ Membership       ___ Aquatic Invasive Species

___ Water Quality        ___ Land Use             __ Shoreline Restoration        ___ Loon Program

___ Social Committee ___ Website                 ___ Fisheries


One of our goals as an association it to keep you informed about the ongoing efforts to fulfill the mission of the Potato Lake Association. We also want to hear from you! Do you have some great sunset pictures? Do you have a pair of loons nesting near your lakeshore? Did you catch a big fish? Send stories and photos to us or post them on our Facebook page.