2020 Objectives & Activities

Membership PLA Lead Director: Tom and Laurie Conzemius

  • Continue to increase membership with a 2020 goal of 160. Focus on getting all new residents to be PLA members.
  • Continue the Neighborhood Captain’s Program. This program has been instrumental in increasing year over year participation and remains a key method in reaching our residents
  • Work toward being a more welcoming organization by engaging with new and inactive members for opportunities to participate in PLA programs
  • Release 2018 membership dues/AIS donations letter and form by mid-February

Neighborhood Captain’s Program: PLA Lead Director: Mike Vold

  • Expand on our Neighborhood Captains Program to insure we visit with each lakeshore owner before the annual meeting
  • Deliver the hard copy of the Potato Laker within 30 days of publication to those lakeshore owners who do not receive one via USPS
  • Insure Neighborhood Captains have knowledge about PLA plans and objectives and can answer most questions from lakeshore owners
  • Work in conjunction with the membership committee to insure we reach our 2018 membership goal
  • Identify new lakeshore owners and provide them with information about the lake and the Association (COLA Project?)

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Efforts PLA Lead Directors: Bob Berdahl, Bill Gorrilla, and Ken Grob

  • Complete 1368 hours of watercraft inspections per established plan and schedule
  • Secure funding from Lake Emma Township consistent with 2020 efforts
  • Conduct AIS early detection including vegetation, Zebra mussel veliger, and spiny waterflea monitoring
  • Work to have an organized AIS lake monitoring program with committed and trained monitors. Enroll some members in COLA AIS ID Monitoring Program.
  • Participate in COLA/State Starry Trek Monitoring for Starry Stonewort.
  • Communicate current AIS information from DNR and COLA to lake residents.

Lake Management Plan PLA Lead Director: Ken Grob and Chuck Diessner

  • Form a committee of PLA directors and members to review the Lake Management Plan developed in 2006
  • If new information supersedes the content of the current plan, modify it as appropriate
  • Update members at  annual meeting

PLA Charitable Fund PLA Lead Director: Chuck Diessner

  • Continue to support donations to the fund; both for AIS inspections and for the general fund
  • Provide AIS watercraft inspection funding as needed to supplement PLA funds

Communication PLA Lead Directors: Kolt Ringer, Tom  Conzemius and Laurie Conzemius

  • Continue to provide timely information to our members via newsletter and through informal communication
  • Publish one hard copy, multi-colored Potato Laker annually
  • Insure our website has both timely and accurate information
  • Continue to improve the electronic lake resident directory

Fisheries PLA Lead Director: Kolt Ringer

  • Communicate with DNR staff so that we understand the fisheries plan for the lake
  • Insure fisheries plan is available to members via website and other communications
  • Sponsor a 2020 fishing contest. Try to improve participation of both adults and kids.
  • Organize an adult fishing contest…Team/prizes?

Loon Program PLA Lead Director: Bob Berdahl coordinating with Jerry Olsen

  • Place loon nesting platforms in lake at ice out
  • Monitor loon activity including numbers, nesting sites and chicks
  • Complete annual DNR loon survey and communicate it to members via website and newsletters.

Land Use PLA Lead Director: Exec Committee coordinating with Chuck Diessner

  • Seek to protect the environs of the lake using best practices of land use management
  • Monitor various land use applications and make recommendations to the PLA board regarding input to applicable government groups
  • Proactively consult with resort owners considering a transition to a Planned Unit Development (PUD).
  • Seek out potential conservation opportunities including the purchase of property or conservation easements

Social PLA Lead Director: Organization and effort provided by Jan Vold

  • Plan and organize PLA social events
  • Encourage direct participation of PLA Directors
  • Encourage inactive or non-member participation
  • Publish and communicate via website, newsletters and email

Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA) PLA Lead Director: Ken Grob

  • Actively support the work of COLA
  • Participate as members of COLA executive board (Ken Grob and Bob Berdahl)
  • Communicate the focus, programs and activities of COLA to PLA members.
  • Insure we have attendance at all COLA meetings.
  • Proactively communicate COLA information to the Water Quality Monitor (Rich Rothermel) and AIS Veliger Monitor (Bill Gorrilla)
  • Proactively communicate information from DNR, MAISRC, and COLA “Eyes on Water” Initiative.

PLA Administrative Initiatives: PLA Board

  • Complete annual registration of PLA with State of Minnesota (non-profit) by Dec 2020
  • Install new kiosk signs at watercraft landings
  • Conduct Hwy 40 cleanup event in May and September
  • Provide outreach to lake residents as needed
  • Organize and conduct annual PLA meeting in August
  • Fill treasurer’s position (done)
  • Assign recording secretary’s position??
  • Establish president position succession plan

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