CLEAN Boat Video


There are some important things which can be done to prevent the transportation of harmful exotic species from one lake or river to another. It is illegal to transport harmful exotic species. 

1. Inspect your boat, trailer and boating equipment, anchors,
centerboards, rollers, axles) and remove any plants and animals
 that are visible before leaving any water body.

2. Drain water from the motor, livewell, bilge and transom wells while on land before leaving any water body.

3. Empty your bait bucket on land before leaving the water
body. Never release live bait into a water body or release aquatic animals from one water body into another.

4. Wash/dry your boat, tackle, downriggers, trailer and other
boating equipment to kill harmful species that were not visible at the boat launch. This can be done on your way home or once you have returned home. Some aquatic nuisance species can survive more than two weeks out of water, so it is important to:
a. rinse your boat and equipment that normally get wet with
hot (at least 104 degrees) tap water; or
b. spray your boat and trailer with high-pressure water; or
c. dry your boat and equipment for at least five days
before transporting to another water body.

5. Learn what these organisms look like (at least those you can see). If you suspect a new infestation of an exotic plant or animal, report it to your natural resources agency.

6. Consult your natural resources agency for recommendations
and permits before you try to control or eradicate an exotic
“pest.” Remember, exotic “pest” species thrive on disturbance.
Do-it-yourself control treatmentsoften make matters worse
and can harm native species.


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