Lake Service Providers

Suggestions for working with lake service providers to prevent spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

General inspection:

When your service provider arrives:

1) Question him to determine if he is familiar with ais and their pathways? Has he participated in the dnr’s training program?

2) Ask him if he inspects his equipment for vegetation or zebra mussels?

3) Ask him what lake/river did he come from?

4) Ask him if he knows if the previously serviced lake/river is infested with an AIS…note that Leech Lake, 11th CW, Portage, Twin Lakes and the Crow Wing River are infested with an AIS.

5) Does he clean his equipment…including waders?

6) Does he know the law regarding cleaning his equipment if he serviced an infested water?

7) Does he know the law regarding transport of AIS?

Lake property owners are encouraged to use AIS lake service providers that are knowledgeable about AIS and have participated in the DNR lake service provide training.

Zebra mussels: zebra mussels are the biggest threat to our lakes. During the summer or when you remove your dock, boat, boat lift or any water related equipment for storage or transport, check for zebra mussels. They attach to vegetation, metal or hard structures. As adults they are very visable. In the early stage of life they may appear as “little sandpaper” on a surface. Have your service provider check or check yourself.

If an AIS is detected, contact:

Darrin Hoverson

DNR-Invasive Species Specialist

218-699-7293 akg 4.16.2011


Click Here to download the Lake Service Provider Training Manual

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