PLA AIS Prevention Plan

 Lake AIS Plan  

  1. Education and awareness.  Present AIS plan at annual meeting.  Prepare newsletter articles and emails to lake association membership.
  2. Roll out Potato Lake monitoring program
    1. Reaffirm commitment of 16 lake residents that volunteered to monitor the lake.  Continually train new volunteers.
    2. Recruit more volunteers to monitor lakeshore.
    3. Assign sections of the lake to be monitored by team members
    4. Collect data on the monitoring process.
  3. Identify professionals who do business on the lake.
    1. Identify who they are.
    2. Educate and train professionals on safe environmental practices and/or support those that attend the DNR training programs.
    3. Tell lake residents which professionals are trained to protect our environment.
  4. Support intern/volunteer landing inspections at both the County (east) and State (west) boat landings. Arago and EmmaTwp in conjunction with PLA provided funding.  Provide landing inspection work schedule to volunteers and encourage them to visit the interns and support their efforts.
  5. Other items if able…
    1. Establish a Zebra Mussel monitoring program (tablets at strategic locations)
    2. Communicate AIS practices to fishing groups that hold contests on Potato Lake…have landing inspectors scheduled at that time.

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