Hubbard COLA


“COLA is the Leader in Protecting Hubbard County Lakes and Rivers”

Welcome to Hubbard COLA

  • Founded in 1988, Hubbard COLA is an association of property owners who have a shared interest in protecting the value of our property and protecting our lakes.

Help Show Case Hubbard COLA at your Lake Association meetings

  • Hubbard COLA encourages our COLA Reps to report on COLA’s current affairs at your lake association annual meetings.

COLA’s Current Affairs – Please highlight at your upcoming meetings. 

  • COLA partners with the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) to implement watercraft inspection program.  SWCD schedules 6226 hours of inspections with approx. 20 inspectors.
  • A decontamination station will be available through the SWCD and will be located next to Johnson’s On the Water in Dorset.  DNR trained level II inspectors will be available to operate the decontamination unit.  To schedule a boat for decontamination, call 218-252-3701.
  • COLA‘s Education Committee in conjunction with Hubbard County Extension and SWCD will be sponsoring educational shoreline restoration programs for the Park Rapids Area Lakes in 2013.  Educational classes will focus on lake associations in an effort to gain more active and meaningful participation.  Watch for upcoming educational events.
  • Hubbard COLA partners with Indiana University (IU) School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) spring 2013 capstone course on lake association sustainability.  Further information and findings regarding this project will be presented by Burney Fischer at the June 27, 2013 COLA meeting.  The capstone recommendations will address issues faced by Hubbard COLA and its member lake associations.
  • COLA ‘s Communication Committee continues to develop plan to enhance our communications and public relations including such strategies as newspaper articles, new website that is more functional and user friendly, facebook page and implementing recommendations from the IU capstone project.  Email Hubbard COLA at
  • Hubbard COLA continues to engage new and positive partnerships with local decision makers including townships, cities and county government.  While COLA’s statewide legislative advocacy efforts have been challenging in 2013, we have been successful in building positive relationships with our local legislators.  Hopefully, these positive relationships will help secure sustainable funding for AIS in the future.
  • COLA’s Wild Rice Project – Support COLA’s wild rice sale.  Order wild rice, gift boxes and pottery at your lake association meetings.  Watch for order forms on the COLA website.
  • COLA’s Sponge Project – HC COLA has assembled a sponge kit for you to inform and assist you in gaining your commitment to do your part in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota’s waters.  HC COLA requests a donation of $5.00 or more to our Hubbard COLA Project Fund. Please mail checks to:  Hubbard County COLA, PO Box 746, Park Rapids, MN 56470.  Use this sponge to CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY YOUR BOAT.

WHY SHOULD LAKES PROMOTE THE DISTRIBUTION OF COLA’s SPONGE PROJECT?  As noted in the Capstone Sustainability report, channeling is a technique that leads to behavior change.  Thus, providing materials such as sponges to members & visitors, as one example, may channel information into behavior and engage citizens to CLEAN, DRAIN & DRY their boats.



P.O. BOX   746



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