Potato Lake Interactive Map

Our Potato Lake Map is a Google Map that can be viewed from a cell phone, mobile device, or computer. It will show your location when viewed either through wifi or through your cell phone service.

You can access the Lake Map here: Potato Lake Map

Once opened on your cell phone, you may create a shortcut to the map so that you can access it easily when you are on the water. The following is a video explaining how to add the Potato Lake Map to your iPhone: https://youtu.be/dthOtceP79w. Open this website in Safari on your cellphone and follow the step-by-step directions. Although directions aren’t included here, adding it to your Android cellphone follows similar steps.

Please note: the lake map is only updated with the most current resident information once a year. It includes only the names and addresses of people living on the lake, and not additional contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. You may send corrections and updates to: potatolakemn@gmail.com.

Also, please note, this lake map is created by Google. Not all residences are placed correctly on the map.

Directions for adding the Interactive Lake Map to your iPhone: