Shoreline Rules Update Project

Updated Shoreline Rules

It has been nearly 20 years since Minnesota shoreland rules were last updated.  In the intervening period the state’s precious water resources have experienced ever growing environmental stress from a continuously expanding population.  This in turn has prompted an increased public demand that these water resources be protected by the formulation of updated shoreland rules reflecting the enormous advances in our scientific understanding of how such protection can be accomplished.  At the end of its 2007 session, the Minnesota legislature directed the DNR to undertake such an update.

That process began in January 2008 with the public call by the DNR Commissioner for public input.  A series of open houses are being held throughout the state during the month of June 2008 at which the public will be informed about the process, how to get involved, what the existing rules cover, and what potential areas may be included in rules revision.  The rulemaking process will be undertaken by a number of committees and will proceed in three phases, i.e., Issue Identification (Jan.-July 2008), Policy & Option Recommendations (Aug. 2008-Feb. 2009), and Preliminary Rule Revisions (Mar.-June 2009).  There will be a public opportunity to review draft rules, followed by a series of public hearings on the final language.

The DNR website offers a wealth of information on the process, e.g., a schedule of specific events, the membership and affiliation of each committee, minutes of the meetings of each committee, etc.  One can also sign up to electronically receive a regular “Shoreland Rules Update Newsletter”.  Go to; under “Find it Fast”, click on “Public Input”; under “Rules”, click on “Shoreland Rules Update Project.”

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