The Lake Management Plan


The full lake management plan is contained in a 69 page PDF file which you may click here to download and print.
The goals and actions for the three focus areas of the Lake Management Plan are set forth on Exhibits C, D and E at the end of this Section I.
The Potato Lake Association adopted the lake management plan after obtaining input from lake residents at a visioning session held on August 27, 2005. The participants at the visioning session considered the following eight focus areas for the management plan:

Water Quality
Fisheries Management Plans
Aquatic Vegetation
Aquatic Invasive Species
Land Use and Zoning
Managing Water surface Use Conflicts
Public Access

After discussing the eight focus areas the participants determined that the lake management plan should focus on the following three critical areas:
Water Quality
Land Use and Zoning
Aquatic Invasive Species
Three subgroups were created at the visioning session to discuss each of the three critical focus areas. Those subgroups developed the plan for each of the three critical focus areas.
The following is a summary of the goals for each of the three critical focus areas:
  • Maintain/improve existing high water quality “TSI”.
  • Increase buffer zone from 78% to 90% of the lakeshore.
  • Allow aquatic vegetation to reestablish natural conditions.
  • Test for E.Coli.
  • Determine need for watershed studies to determine adverse impacts on water quality.
  • Provide lake residents with information setting forth contacts/approvals required for shoreland activities.
  • Participate/influence County adoption of DNR recommended changes to the Hubbard County Shoreland Ordinance.
  • Influence governmental actions relating to land use and zoning in order to minimize adverse impact on lakes, especially Potato Lake.
  • Establish volunteer and student summer intern program with County to assist with special projects.
  • Participate/influence adoption of reasonable dock standards by DNR and/or Hubbard County.
  • Provide lake residents with information concerning DNR Water Surface Use Management (WSUM) program.
  • Educate all users of Potato Lake Watershed on good prevention practices for aquatic invasive species.
  • Implement preventive measures for controlling the spread of aquatic invasive species.
  • Develop contingency plan for fighting invasives/exotics if/when detected.
  • Monitor developments at state and LGU level regarding funding, technologies, and legislative initiatives.

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